Digital twins and virtual commissioning

No need to assemble your new product equipment to check that processes and functions work as they should. Techsoft identifies bottlenecks, adapts functions, capacity and the like in a purely virtual environment before commissioning. Simulating and testing the entire machinery system graphically before the first cable is even installed not only saves you a lot of resources, but it also takes the worry out of the process.

We check the machinery before you build it

For optimal running-in and commissioning to be achieved, it is important to be well prepared. Building your machinery graphically in a virtual environment allows us to test, evaluate and further develop something that does not yet exist as a physical product. This way, we can carry out virtual commissioning before starting the installation, making commissioning far more efficient and profitable. Techsoft has many years’ experience in the use and testing of virtual machinery and entire plants. We are experts in 3D construction of transport and logistics facilities, i.e. configuration of 3D models that are 1:1 equivalent to the actual plant. The models are used for checking, testing and optimising PLC software – all in a virtual environment. We have collaborated with Xcelgo, one of the market’s leading suppliers of simulation and emulation software, since 2005. A collaboration that makes even the most complicated of emulation tasks possible.